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Frankensteinway have been around for a few years now and you may be wondering just who these people are that form such elegant silhouettes (right).

Jason's the one on the left who looks like his right thigh has been broken, Karl is in the middle with what looks like a large box on his left knee and Mark is on the right and looks like he's balancing a plate on his head whilst his left arm and leg appear to form a wing-like membrane.

More detailed but equally non-sensical information can be found below:


Frankensteinway silhouette
  JASON YATES Vocals, Keyboards

Jason was one of the founding members of the band.

Jason ‘Wine Lodge’ Yates was discovered washed up wrapped in a pile of reeds on the banks of the Nile. Scattered fractured recollections of his varied career began to surface during in depth interrogation by the FBI. His various guises included Dustman, Inventor of the Wheel, Market Gardner, Breadwinner of the Family, William Faraday, William Shatner, Bill Gates, Monosodium Glutamate, Yellow, and the Pope. Soon after being elevated to the position of All Powerful and Ever Living God, Jason grew tired of his Divine, All Knowing role, and the pressures of Omnipotence proved too much. He turned to his music - writing his compositions by night he cut a crust by day selling Alpine Horns to the Aborigines at C&A.


MARK HAMILTON Backing vocals, Guitars

Mark ‘Diddy’ Hamilton, after nearly four heady seconds of the gruelling tour schedule of Zildo Funklove and the Thunderchickens had become disillusioned with his role as The Man Who Got Slapped. After a string of solo chart failures, he spent his days trying on trousers in C&A’s. Little did he suspect the quirk of fate that was to throw him into the limelight.

Mark Hamilton, labouring under the impression that a Swiss Alpine Horn was a pair of trousers, impressed Jason with his attempt to don the instrument and the melody produced by his struggles. (Don ‘The Instrument’ was later to become the band’s engineer.) They formed Frankensteinway on the spot - but they were yet to realise their full potential. And then Karl joined.



joined the band in 1996 at the beginning of the Ventrilogy album.

Karl 'Two-fat ladies 99' Bunyan was previously gigging with the classic sixties combo 'Nice work (if you can get it)' before being involved in a horrific guitar restringing accident which left him paralysed with fear. His body was discovered by the roadside and rebuilt using six-milion dollar technology. It was whilst trying to repay this debt through regular busking that he was discovered by Jason and Mark beneath the fish-fingers in Asda (Southend remix). They were so impressed by the noise that Karl's barcode made when they reached the checkout that they instantly signed him to the band. The receipt has not yet been found.


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